Board and Committees at Work April 2024

Board and Committees at Work April 2024

Submitted by Rob Peters

Interactive Golf Simulator at Pro Shop

An idea was proposed to increase income within the Pro Shop and for the Golf Course: Interactive Golf Simulator.  We can use a portion of the Pro Shop (back half of the TV sitting area) which is infrequently used and purchase an Interactive Golf setup. This could easily bring in added income to the GC and Pro Shop. Estimated cost is from $8K to $15K, depending on the complexity and reality of the play.  Mark Ward and Rob Peters were tasked with visits & investigation of facilities in the area. Next step will be financial investment and timeline of payback, determine pricing, and estimate the added income to Pro-shop. Then we will need to conduct a community survey and put together a webinar presentation for our members. Mark Ward and Mike Mathis attended a Golf and equipment show last week and talked to several vendors and manufacturers of these simulators, took down contact info and will follow up. There are 3 Interactive Golf Facilities in the Tigard / Tualatin area, and the pricing is around $50 for 1 hour of play. There are currently members of the men’s club and others here, that go to these facilities to practice, (nice when the weather is bad). We are getting very positive feedback so far.

Another source of revenue.

Chris White, PGA Teaching Professional is coming back to work as a teaching instructor and will be contractor status. Chris worked in the Pro-Shop as an employee and instructor before Covid and now has agreed to return as instructor only.  Joy in the Pro-Shop said there have been many requests from the Women’s Golf Club and others for lessons.

Webinars for KCCA

We are getting closer to getting the Webinars up and running. Nexttech, our IT contractor, brought us our new wide-angle camera and has set up the program to run the webinars on a designated laptop for this. We did a test to work out any issues and found that the closer the camera the faster it scans at the person that is talking, as it is voice activated. We will need to have some dry runs to get it up and running.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Update on 2022 Tax Filing Penalty 

We received an email from our CPA Schwindt & Co, attached was a letter they sent to the IRS. Schwindt & Co. are very confident that we won’t have to pay the $20,000 fine. In part they said, “As we have independent verification of the timely filing of paper extensions through certified mail and IRS date stamp as well as confirmation of timely electronic filing from our tax software, we request removal of the late filing penalty for tax year 2022 for Form 990. Please review the data provided and update your records to show receipt of the Form 990 return and extension as timely filed for tax year 2022.” A signed power of attorney and Form 2848 were also enclosed.

New equipment shed.

The Board approved the new equipment shed that will be built at the maintenance shop area. Jeff Halfman will notify the contractor to schedule. A dump truck and a new tractor along with other equipment have been sitting out under some trees, exposed to the weather because Jeff had no place to store them.

Money saved in Reserve Budget

The 2024 Budget had $50,000 for Club House Banquet Room soffit repairs. The plan was to remove the popcorn ceiling and texture it. Jeff Halfman let me know the ceiling was painted in the last few years and we could just repair a few small areas under the soffits. Money saved, back into reserve. In January we saved $12,000 on the sound system in the Banquet Room as well.

There is $62,400 in the budget for Golf Cart Path repair and/or replacement. Again, Jeff thinks that we will not spend anywhere near this amount. He believes the paths only need to be repaired this year. We will continue to review projects and save where we can.


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