A Message from the President

Greetings to all KCCA Members,

Monday night was a very good night. We authorized the completion of the update to the KCCA computer network. The Board authorized the purchase of FRONTSTEPS Caliber, a Community Management software platform that will organize Member records. Also, the network is being updated to bring the internet speed to a high enough level to connect the golf maintenance facility to the rest of the system. The maintenance facility currently uses dial-up internet. We are moving along with the upgrade and digitizing our processes.

In the meeting, the Treasurer also assured the Board that there was plenty of money in Reserves for the upgrades. From the KCCA Reserve Expenditures Report for June, the account holds about $275,000. Projections for house sales are expected to be about $400,000 which means we are all paying into the Reserve expenditures without dipping into our $600 Reserve Fund from our 2023 Assessment.

For the doomsayers, who say this spending is going to increase our Assessments and who are trying to create anxiety, concern, and discontent: this Board is working diligently to bring KCCA into the digital age without breaking the bank. The Board, including the Board Officers, cannot predict the future. We will all wait for the numbers.


James Minor SR

KCCA Board President